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"Hannah and Skye took my Son Joseph through a course of sessions up to and through his GCSE Spanish. I have to say the quality of the tutoring far exceeded our expectations, absolutely fantastic! As a typical 16 year old Joseph is selective with his praise however not so with you guys. We're keeping everything crossed for his grades, regardless, he will certainly do a lot better as a result of your teaching. Thank you!"


"We were absolutely delighted with HKSpanishtutoring. There is no question that our son's grade improved significantly as a result of the tutoring. The organisation is very professional as well as friendly. They take the time to understand where help is needed. I most certainly recommend them."

- Gordon A (parent)

"Hannah and Lisa are fantastic tutors. They were so knowledgeable about the course requirements, explained everything very clearly and patiently and gave my son confidence before his exam. We feel very lucky to have found them."

- Jane L (parent)

"Hannah has been amazing for our daughter. She has raised her confidence, made the lessons fun and importantly made her fall in love with the language again. Our daughters test results have dramatically improved and her school teacher has noticed how effortlessly she is now able to complete the tasks in class plus converse with a great accent! We have no doubt she will get a great grade when she takes her GCSE in June and she is now considering Spanish for A level - thank you Hannah!"

- Nicola B (parent)

"HKSpanishtutoring is simply fantastic. It has raised my sons confidence in GCSE Spanish exponentially. He was scoring 6s and now scoring 8s and 9s. He speaks Spanish to me without being prompted and he really enjoys his tutor time. I think the golden nugget sentences to memorise when holding a conversation are invaluable. Thank you Hannah and Sofia!


Hannah and Sofia have been invaluable in helping my year 11 son in GCSE Spanish. Before them he never spoke Spanish with me even though I speak it! He was a bit down as he had to work hard and his school teacher was not getting the best from him. He is going through his GCSE now and I’m so impressed at his fluency and complex sentences and he is very confident now. I’m sure he’ll do well. I’m so happy with Hannah’s fun and thorough methods of teaching that I have asked for my year 7 daughter to be her pupil too. I was also pleased how Hannah pushed my son so he could get the highest marks without losing his confidence. She knew how to drive the best from him. Well done Hannah and Sofia for being great teachers."

- Gisella S (parent)

"Hannah, both Simon and I have really benefited from the lessons we have had with you. You are a warm, engaging teacher who takes her profession seriously. You have been very client centred, responding to our needs and learning styles in the moment. Our lessons have all been interesting, challenging and fun. Your love of the language and passion to share your knowledge has inspired us to take our learning further than we might otherwise have done. I would, and have, recommended you to others wanting to learn Spanish. We will also be back for more lessons."


- Debbie S (adult learner)

"Hannah is a fabulous tutor and boosted my confidence with my speaking exam. She is such a friendly character and helped me to achieve the grades I wanted. Our hourly sessions every week really helped me to expand my knowledge and vocabulary in Spanish! Hannah helped me to love Spanish after struggling with the speaking aspect for many years. She was always so positively optimistic during our tutoring lessons and helped me go from a grade 5 to a grade 7 at GCSE. I would 100% recommend Hannah for tutoring lessons - her passion for the subject is never ending :)"

- Zoe F (GCSE student)

"I have loved every single one of my Spanish lessons with Hannah. She has helped me improve so much, increasing my grades and giving me lots of confidence! I would highly recommend her and her business to everyone."

- Francesca C (GCSE student)

"The lovely Hannah helped to tutor me through my final year of my Spanish GCSE, without her I don't think I'd have passed. She is excellent at explaining language rules and coming up with memorable ways to remember the trickier verb conjugations. If you or your child are struggling with Spanish, definitely get in contact with her, she really is fab!"

- Ellie M (GCSE student)

"Hannah is such a fantastic teacher and was extremely welcoming and friendly on our first lesson and each since.
I knew basic Spanish to begin with but Hannah has helped me grow upon the things I already knew and had taught me so much already in the few lessons we have had.
She is always punctual for our online lessons during lockdown and amazingly well prepared, always knowing where we left off and letting me know what she is planning on doing in our lesson. She always checks with me to see if I have managed to look over and practiced our previous lesson but never puts pressure on me to do so or judges me for not and is always happy to go over our previous session if I need to or am unsure.
When going through the lesson she explains things very well and always checks before moving on that I have understood. Once explained she will give practice questions for me to do but will always offer support if I need it, but will try to help me answer it by giving hints instead of giving me the answer straight away, but will give me the answer with no disappointment or reluctantly if I am really stuck.
I really look forward to my lessons with Hannah and extremely excited to continue my learning with her."

- Georgina D (adult learner)


"I received tutoring from Hannah for my GCSE Spanish exams and it made such a difference for me, I honestly don’t think I would have passed without her help! She went through all the fundamentals with me and really focused and tailored her approach to my weakest points in the course, she made sure I understood everything. I felt very behind on the subject before and lost confidence but Hannah gave me the extra support I needed to get up to speed and made sure I felt confident with it. I highly recommend using Hannah, she is a fantastic teacher and made the biggest difference in improving my grade and my enjoyment in learning Spanish!"

- Lara B (GCSE student)

"Hannah is a wonderful tutor who thoroughly helped me and my brother through our GCSEs. Looked forward to lessons with Hannah and would definitely recommend."

- Poppy K (GCSE student)

"I've been self learning Spanish for around 14 months, and needed a professional person to guide me/ help me. And I've definitely found that person!! Hannah has a way of teaching which is fun and enjoyable, I really look forward to our "Zoom" time on a Monday morning. She has a habit of putting a key in a door and unlocking it for you, the light bulb is then switched on and a big smile comes over my face. I've learnt bits and pieces from the internet, but Hannah puts it all together, she is just like a linguistic chef! If you're thinking about learning Spanish, then I would definitely give Hannah a call, I haven't regretted it, and I don't think you will, thoroughly recommended and personally I think good value !!"


"What a lovely person! Hannah helped me to get started learning Spanish. I'm a mature student and I felt very comfortable from the start. It wasn't easy but the way Hannah teaches I began picking up words, sentences and stringing them together to form a little conversation. She's very accommodating and a great person to learn Spanish from, so full of enthusiasm first thing in the morning, a perfect way to start your day!! Would definitely recommend her!!"

- Ian N (adult learner)

"I am a student that has just finished my A-Level year and I have sessions with Hannah to practice my Spanish in preparation for university. Hannah has found news articles that stretch and challenge my vocabulary and grammatical skills, and also in testing my knowledge through debate. Through this, I feel that all of my skills in Spanish (i.e. speaking, listening, reading) have improved. She has also prepared me for university by giving me helpful advice on her experiences with the course. She is an excellent teacher, very approachable and friendly, and I cannot recommend her enough."

- Mollie M (A level student)

"Hannah was my tutor in the lead up to my Spanish GCSE. She is a very friendly and supportive tutor. I felt comfortable making mistakes during our sessions as she was good at giving feedback to help me improve. We had really fun lessons which kept me very motivated. All round great tutor!"

- Francesca A (GCSE student)

"Hannah was always attentive and supportive when tutoring me and my brother. She adapted her teaching styles to suit both of our needs and knew the syllabus for GCSE and A-level Spanish very well. I looked forward to the lessons and overall received two very good grades in Spanish, helping me with university applications."

- Niamh M (GCSE & A level student)

"Great Spanish tutor, my Spanish has improved so much after having lessons with her. Very helpful for GCSE Spanish."

- Gaya (GCSE student)

"Hannah is absolutely brilliant!!! I had a little bit of Spanish experience through using Duolingo and talking to a Spanish friend via google translate but wanted to know a bit more about the mechanics so that I could confidently put sentences together myself. In the first lesson, Hannah chatted to me a bit to find out my level and without me even realising, she was teaching me so much and I went away with some amazing tools to work with already! I love learning with Hannah, she is fun, friendly and her way of teaching is fantastic! Highly recommend and I can’t wait to learn more!"

- Lisa G (adult learner)

"I’ve been taking part in the HKSpanishtutoring adult group lessons over the past few months, I have found them really enjoyable & fun. Hannah creates lessons that are informative and easy to follow and has definitely helped build my confidence to be able to speak more Spanish for my upcoming holiday to Mallorca! I look forward to my Wednesday evening class each week! Thank you Hannah."

-Alice E (adult learner)

"I’ve so far had three months of lessons with Hannah, returning to and improving on the Spanish that I learned/remember from 10 years ago… its been a real pleasure having the classes and like most of the other reviews here the time flies by, the lessons are great fun, and I genuinely look forward to my lessons. With Hannah’s patience and support have noticed a huge difference in my language skills, I’m actually speaking Spanish and not the pigeon Spanish of 10 years ago… Thanks so much, and here’s to the next few months!"

- Niall S (adult learner)


"I've never had a private teacher for English, it's the first time I've had one and Hannah, in my opinion, is... an excellent teacher, whom I would hire again without thinking twice. She is kind, very patient and she explains everything professionally. It really has been the best money invested. I now return to Spain having had a great experience with her and having made a great friend. If you need to learn English or Spanish do not hesitate to contact her."

"Nunca había tenido una profesora particular en inglés es la primera vez que la tengo y hanna y para mi es..... una excelente profesora , en la que volvería a contratar sin pensarlo dos veces, amable, tiene mucha paciencia, explica todo como mucha profesionalidad , de verdad que ha sido el mejor dinero invertido, me llevo a españa una gran experiencia con ella y una gran amiga, si necesitas aprender inglés o español no dudes en contactar con ella."

- Andreina LB (adult learner - TEFL)

"Hannah was a great help when I was struggling with my confidence at the start of the Spanish A Level course. Hannah provided a wide range of materials to help improve my speaking by incorporating new phrases which helped provide variety in my speech as well as improve my confidence. Highly recommend Hannah to anyone who struggles with confidence in their speaking as she is friendly and helpful which makes speaking seem less daunting."

- Barney G (GCSE & A level student)

"Hannah is an absolutely excellent teacher and has helped me learn so much in such a short period of time. She helps me feel so much more confident in my Spanish and is just an all round lovely person!"

- Niamh Q (GCSE student)

"Hannah has been teaching me Spanish for the past few months now! I came to her with some prior knowledge of random Spanish vocab and phrases from previous courses. Within one lesson she was able to gauge where I was in my Spanish journey and plan lessons tailored to this - which are also really fun and engaging! I’m so looking forward to continuing to work with Hannah to become a fluent Spanish speaker!"

- Alice H (adult learner)

"Hannah has found a way to make our Spanish lessons fun and interesting, as I was using her I found my Spanish grades to improve hugely. She is incredibly supportive and knows the best ways to help improve my vocabulary and use of tenses."

- Annie C (GCSE student)

"Hannah is a fantastic teacher - engaging, clear & patient. I look forward to our weekly lesson."

- Joanna R (adult learner)

"Hannah is a wonderful teacher who is excellent at teaching Spanish, at all levels. My daughter had to learn Spanish in under 2 years for GCSE. After struggling with lessons in school, we found Hannah. Hannah was quick to adapt her tutoring to cover fundamental gaps in my daughters knowledge of Spanish. And with Hannah’s friendly, positive & energetic approach, my daughter’s confidence grew and grew. She is now in a good place approaching GCSE this Summer and I’m sure she will do well. This would not have been possible without Hannah, we are ever so grateful and would heartily recommend her."

- Lisa H (parent)

"Hannah is an amazing tutor who has really helped me to improve my Spanish, especially in the speaking for GCSE. She is always supportive and has hugely improved my confidence when having a conversation in Spanish - I would highly recommend!"

- Maddie W (GCSE student)

"I am a senior leader at an inner London school, and have been using HK Spanish Tutoring to support one of our Year 12 students with her A Level studies. The excellent tuition saw my student go from a U in her November Mock to a C in her March Mock - really excellent progress. At a time when our MFL department has had some staffing issues it has been wonderful to have a reliable and thoughtful tutor to support my hardworking student. She enjoys her weekly lessons very much. Thank you Hannah for facilitating such a wonderful service. I would recommend to anyone wishing to provide students with GCSE or A Level support."

- Elizabeth T (professional client)

"Hannah provides excellent tuition that has really aided me with my Spanish studies. She also has provided me with effective resources to use outside the lessons, further broadening my knowledge. Hannah is a wonderful teacher who is kind, polite and has adapted her teaching style to suit my needs. I honestly couldn't recommend her more as a tutor!"

- Charlotte B (adult learner)

"Hannah is a very patient, supportive and amazing Spanish tutor. My son really finds her lessons so engaging and helpful. He enjoys his Spanish lessons with her. Excellent Spanish tutor."

- Reana A (parent)

"You have made such a massive difference to Niamh - in her confidence and attitude. The results will be an added bonus, on top of you bringing back an enthusiasm and motivation for learning that I feared may have been lost. A huge thanks for all your help! Your encouragement has REALLY helped her mindset. When I first approached you I couldn’t have envisaged she’d be in this good a place compared to where she was."

- Caroline (parent)

"Hannah is a great Spanish tutor. She has tutored my daughter for her GCSE exams for just under a year and the amount of progress and confidence gained by my daughter is unbelievable. Hannah helped her with speaking, reading, listening and writing. She's really patient, encouraging and supportive. Can't thank Hannah enough and we highly recommend her for anyone looking for a spanish tutor."

- Hemlata M (parent)

"Such a lovely lady! Really enjoyed each and every lesson." 

- CJ H (adult learner)

"Every lesson I have had with Hannah has been lots of fun. I leave every lesson with a huge confidence boost and she has helped me a lot in my school lessons. I now feel more optimistic about my GCSEs next year."

- Can S (GCSE student)

"Can't recommend Hannah more highly. Dedicated to improving her students, she has been so helpful, friendly, collaborative and always providing resources and suggestions for moving students forward. She has made a real difference."

- Elizabeth D (parent)

"Wonderful tutor who really helped our daughter with her GCSE Spanish. Would highly recommend."

- Ela S (parent)

"Amazing lessons really helped me with my Spanish GCSE"

- Briony W (GCSE student)

"Lisa was a brilliant teacher and Ben found her lessons really helpful. I'm so glad we found you!"

- Jane L (parent)

"Very helpful, amazing team. Hannah, Lisa and Alessio all of them are fantastic. Very competent, knowledgeable, excellent teaching method."

- Monira K (parent)


"Hannah is an excellent tutor who has very much supported and encouraged my son. She is very professional and plans each lesson with great thought and care. My son has grown in confidence and is achieving excellent grades."

- Helen W (parent)

"My daughter really enjoys her lessons with Lisa and always looks forward it. The lessons are really interactive and you can hear the enthusiasm in her voice during the lessons. She often wishes the lesson was longer than 30mins as she doesn't want it to end. She has learnt new vocabulary and can form short sentences and she just really gets it. Thank you so much as I'm so glad I found you HKSpanish via Instagram."

- Adeola S (parent)

"Both Liam and I have been very impressed with how professional Hannah has been. The sessions have made Liam interested in the subject and he has made outstanding improvement. We are delighted to have found such an excellent tutor."

- Melanie W (parent)

"Hannah is extremely impressive and I highly recommend her. Hannah's tuition is very engaging and she has totally inspired my two daughters, who are studying Spanish at different levels. Hannah is able to customise the lesson to their individual ability and is excellent at ensuring they have understood before moving on. She builds confidence very quickly and includes the parents by giving feedback on progress. Hannah is very understanding and provides her students with very useful study tips and exam advice, which is very reassuring for them. We are delighted with Hannah and my daughters really look forward to her lessons."

- Julia H (parent)

"I highly recommend Hannah, she is so thorough in lessons and boosting my daughter's confidence as well as learning more than she does at school! The online lessons are perfect, so much easier to fit into the day."

- Suzanne W (parent)

"Our tutor Lisa has been excellent. She is very patient and flexible. Her lessons are well prepared and engaging. A huge thank you. Hannah made it all happen. She responds quickly to any messages I’ve sent and is a lovely person to work with. An all round great service!"

- Nikki B (adult learner)

"My son has been having weekly Spanish tuition over Zoom with Hannah throughout his GCSE course. With the exams now nearly upon us, Hannah has grown Willem's confidence enormously - something that wasn't being gained in school - and I feel has fully prepared him for his exams.Hannah's lessons are fun, interactive and full of enthusiasm, she really knows how to draw the best out of him - I love hearing them chattering away to one another in Spanish from the room next door! Hannah has huge knowledge of the GCSE curriculum and has really helped Willem focus on all elements of the exams to come. I cannot recommend Hannah highly enough and want to say a massive THANK YOU for all your help over the last couple of years. It's now down to Willem to put all his learning into practice!"

- Amy K (parent)

"My seventeen year old son has thoroughly enjoyed his lessons with Hannah. She is enthusiastic, personable and approachable and obviously knows her subject."

- Kim W (parent)

"Hannah helped my son to prepare for his Spanish GCSE. She was engaging and professional and her subject knowledge is excellent. I would highly recommend Hannah and and will be asking her to help my son with his Spanish A level when the time comes."

- Genevieve G (parent)

"I have been taking lessons with Hannah for around a year and a half now to help me with my GCSEs and she has absolutely saved me. I was bottom of my class looking to scrape a pass in my GCSE but now I feel very confident and looking for a much higher grade. I have enjoyed every minute and would highly recommend to everyone."

- Willem K (GCSE student)

"Very, very good!"

- Stephen H (parent)

"Hannah tutored both my son and daughter in Spanish for their GCSE's achieving A and A*. My daughter is having tuition for her A levels too... Hannah has a lovely friendly manner and both of my children found her very knowledgeable and helpful."

- Helen W (parent)

"Hannah helped my daughter through her Spanish GCSE, I can honestly say that she was absolutely outstanding. My daughter was struggling but as she saw Hannah, her confidence grew week on week and she went into the exam with confidence and almost scored full marks in her listening and reading exams, with an A grade overall in the subject. Without Hannah's help and support this would not have been possible. Hannah is a natural teacher and has the ability to relate to children in a way that inspires them to learn, I cannot recommend her highly enough."

- Jo M (parent)

"Hannah is so nice and her teaching styles are very interactive which makes Spanish so much more easier to learn. She gives regular, helpful feedback. Highly recommend for everyone."

- Nandini A (GCSE student)

"Hannah Spargo is such an amazing Spanish tutor. Having lived over in Spain for a while her understanding and knowledge is outstanding. She is so patient and helpful and without her my daughter would not have got an A in her GCSE. Thank you Hannah. I fully recommend her to anyone looking for help!"


- Amber F (parent)

"Hannah taught my daughter when she had a crisis with her class teacher. Hannah was amazing and after her assessment of my daughters language skills she approached her teaching with purpose and direction. She gave my daughter the confidence to believe in her ability to understand and speak Spanish. I would highly recommend Hannah to anyone requiring support with Spanish."

-Katriona K (parent)

"I’ve been a student of Hannah Spargo for over 3 months and in that short time my understanding and use of Spanish has increased dramatically. I am a languages teacher already but as a novice in Spanish, I was keen to become as proficient as possible.
Thanks to Hannah’s enthusiasm and subject knowledge I have been able to make rapid progress. My confidence has not only increased but crucially my awareness of how language works is made clearer during every lesson. Hannah is an experienced tutor and she uses a range of strategies to promote learning. Within a short time, I was covering GCSE level grammar and reading tasks thanks to her expert guidance.
I am deeply appreciative of Hannah’s outstanding planning and teaching skills, she creates an excellent climate for learning within our tuition sessions. She is also a master at tailoring lessons to my individual needs and experience, which ensures that I always get the maximum benefit from my lessons with her. Her integrity, enthusiasm and excellent subject knowledge ensure that every lesson is enjoyable, meaningful and an absolute pleasure."

- Liz T (adult learner - teacher of MFL)

"Hannah is amazing! Arranging tutoring with her was easy and she was so so helpful and friendly. I organised for her to tutor a friend from Spain who needed to improve her English and it was a great decision. She was flexible, encouraging and made the lessons fun. I would highly recommend her for both Spanish and English tutoring."

- Gemma T (TEFL client host)

"My daughter who is 7 has been working with Hannah for several weeks now with her Spanish. She has started to make such good progress and truly loves her sessions with Hannah. Hannah is so calm, relaxed and nurturing in her approach to teaching Spanish. My daughter doesn't feel rushed, pressured or a burden keeping up with the lessons. I truly believe Hannah is an amazing teacher and I plan to carry on with her until GCSE's. A STAR all the way :)"

- Shireen S (parent)

"My 12 year old daughter has had several lessons with Hannah over the last few weeks. She thoroughly enjoys the lessons and has consistently told me about how much Hannah manages to cover in the lessons. Hannah is extremely friendly and personable and I can see that my daughter feels very comfortable and happy. Hannah also provides material after the lessons for my daughter to review. I would highly recommend!"

- Deena E (parent)

"Great location and environment for learning, clearly knows what she is teaching, and has a great method of doing so. Also super friendly, and put my tentativeness immediately to rest as I could tell that we would get on great!"

- Liam T (GCSE student)

"Hannah is a very structured teacher, at the same time ensuring the pupil learns at their pace, with a little push, when required.
Hannah teaches at her home, where the lessons are prepared with handouts, exercises and white board.
Hannah is more than willing to help by clarifying any concerns via email.
I have been using online Spanish teaching aids, however I have gained a better understanding after only 3 one to one lessons."

- Terry M (adult learner)

"I am extremely pleased with the service provided by
Hannah , very warm and welcoming , delightful to work with, my learning has improved well done Hannah."

- Michael P (adult learner)

"Hannah is a fantastic teacher. She makes every lesson fun and keeps the pace to your ability. She does a good mix of learning new things and reviewing topics as you go along and then brings them all together.
I highly recommend Hannah for anyone of any level or any age."

- Michelle B (adult learner)

"Hannah has been tutoring for several years and has had many success stories with both adults and teenagers. She is a qualified teacher and has worked in secondary schools. She builds rapport excellently with people of all ages and excels when teaching. She has taught me to speak Spanish and considering I am extremely impatient, I have been very impressed and have progressed massively."

- George P (adult learner)

"Wanted to learn Spanish to quite a while and after 3-4 months of her tuition its made learning a new language fun and engaging. Some great exercises for anyone new to learning a language like myself, highly recommend."

- Matthew S (adult learner)

"Hannah is an amazing tutor, her enthusiasm and love of Spanish is infectious and it’s by far the most fun I’ve had learning a language! My fiancé and I are complete beginners but she is always patient and encouraging, adapting the material to suit our level and style of learning which helps us stay focused. Her lessons are very thoughtfully planned and organised - she keeps it engaging by mixing the vocabulary and verbs with practical exercises and a focus on conversational Spanish. This combined with helpful notes for us to practice during the week really help it stay in our heads."

- Niamh O (adult learner)

"Hannah has so much talent and energy! She makes every lesson fun and I've learnt so much more in my first 2 months than I ever expected! I'm excited to finally be learning a new language and always look forward to my weekly 1-2-1s as well as the group sessions. Best Spanish teacher out there - thank you Han!"

- Amy B (adult learner)

"Hannah is an excellent teacher, she helped me improve so much in a short amount of time, made me go up 3 grades and made me feel more confident in Spanish. She is a friendly and funny teacher, and she has many activities to help with learning Spanish. She is a great tutor!" 

- Gloria M (GCSE student)

"Hannah is a lovely, understanding and patient teacher, always pushing me hard to achieve the highest GCSE grades, which have improved so much with her help. Looking forward to improving my Spanish for years to come!"

- Daniil O (GCSE student)

"Hannah is an amazing tutor, my daughter has enjoyed her weekly sessions and her confidence has grown so much since she started. She has been helping prepare for GCSE and my daughter was thrilled with her mock mark in January. I highly recommend her as a tutor."

- Joanne W (parent)

"Hannah is a really engaging teacher who is able to quickly establish a report. She has great subject knowledge and her explanations are clear. My son says "she's a better teacher than my school teacher". Highly recommended."

- Nikki F (parent)

"I started lessons with Hannah earlier this year. I have been able to fit learning around my work commitments and I am delighted with the progress I have made in a short time. Her teaching method is superb; she is fun and extremely engaging. I am 42, and I would thoroughly recommend her for any anyone who has been thinking about starting to learn, or continuing to develop their skills at a more advanced level. Having had lessons with her, I can also see why she would be amazing for children, as the lessons never seem stuffy, even after very long days at work."


"I have been having lessons with Hannah for 5 months. She is superb. Her lessons are fun and very engaging. Before I started I questioned whether I would be able to fit (and enjoy) learning around other work and life commitments but the lessons have been thoroughly enjoyable and I have made significant progress in a short time owing to her highly effective teaching style and energetic approach. I would highly recommend her to anyone of any age or ability. Thanks Hannah."

- Samantha M (adult learner)

"Brilliant tutor for Spanish. Hannah really helped my twins improve."

- Natasha (parent)

"I love my Spanish lessons with Hannah! She helps me progress all the time and the lessons are always informative and fun! X"

- Bethany C (adult learner)

"Hannah is an amazing tutor. My daughter has found her lessons very fun and insightful, and has managed to improve from a grade 3 to a grade 6 in a few months."

- Kivin M (parent)

"Hannah is such an amazing teacher and she is always makes learning Spanish really enjoyable and interesting. I have genuinely improved in Spanish since I started her lessons. I went from a 4 to an 8 in less than a year and it’s all because of her. Hannah provided me with so many resources and she comes up with clever ways to remember tenses and tricky vocabulary. She is always punctual and very enthusiastic to teach and I really appreciate that. I would definitely recommend her to anyone struggling in Spanish because she is just so helpful and wonderful."

- Saanvi K (GCSE student)

"Hannah provided challenging Spanish lessons to help my son bridge the transition from GCSE to A Level. She quickly built a positive relationship with my son and he enjoyed the content and style of delivery. She was so supportive of my son’s progress and he felt confident and comfortable conversing with her. Hannah was flexible and organised with lesson times and invoicing."

- Clare D (parent)

"Hannah is a professional tutor and my son does enjoy his lessons a lot. Highly recommend to anyone who's seeking Spanish tuition."

- Dinky L (parent)

"Fantastic Spanish tutoring. Hannah took my daughter under her wings before GCSEs and she made huge impact on her. Thanks to Hannah's excellent skills, my daughter did her exams really well. Hannah is energetic and patient, she truly care about students."

- Dorota M (parent)

"Hannah is a great Spanish tutor! I really enjoy the lessons and I’ve noticed lots of improvements over the last 6 months. Can’t wait to keep learning more."

- Brendan H (adult learner)


"Hannah has boosted our daughter’s confidence and been an enormous help with her Spanish. She has a wonderful warmth, enthusiasm and energy which makes language lessons fun. Thank you!"

- Antonia M (parent)

"Hannah has an excellent knowledge of Spanish language and culture. She is an amazing team player and she has a lovely manner with her students. Hannah’s love for the language is inspiring, she is dedicated and prepares dynamic and current resources for her classes. I would highly recommend Hannah as a Spanish tutor."

- Karina S (former MFL school colleague & associate tutor)

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